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It stands for El Paso Youth Cinema!

Edward James Olmos, Pepe Serna and Joe Renteria have a history of altruistic endeavors as activists and proponents of Latinx causes. They are committed, in particular, to give Latinx Youth opportunities they may never get otherwise!

Olmos funded and supports the Youth Cinema Project in LA, a school that teaches standard school curriculum through the art of filmmaking so that students can accumulate the necessary life tools through a more illuminating lens!

This groundbreaking educational program currently operates in 5 California cities and the state has sanctioned more due to the overwhelming success it has shown and the exponential "across-the-board" improvement in student grades!

Serna tours the US, in particular the Southwest, showcasing his improvisational workshops that bring out the talents his students didn't realize they had. Meanwhile, Renteria, at age 21, began awarding scholarships and still does!

The Three Team Members are currently planning a school modeled after the Youth Cinema Project in LA for El Paso, primarily for at-risk Youth based in the most socioeconomically challenged areas of the city!

The innovative school will be offered to Youth who meet the criteria but also to all those throughout the city committed to the hard work of self-improvement and dedication to succeed in a business they may have felt was out of reach!

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