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Los Angeles Latin International Film Festival


The El Paso Youth Cinema Team has a history of altruistic endeavors dedicated to provide all nationalities; socioeconomically challenged ; physically, emotionally disabled youth, an equal fair opportunity to improve their lives. 


To associate with the El Paso Boys & Girls Club, to educate, train, employ youth to work alongside Hollywood Professionals producing high-quality mainstream films using their own talents in front of and behind the camera in key roles. 

Modeled after the Edward James Olmos Youth Cinema Project, EPYC Execs will establish, operate a school teaching standard curriculum through the art of film-making based in areas to facilitate students' participation and attendance. 


Tony Tomasheski, Executive Head Of Public Relations  

Fluently Bilingual, Tony holds a Masters in Counseling, Psychology Bachelor of Science degree, several teaching certifications. He's a former Teacher, Principal, Director of Special Education Curriculum, Assistant Superintendent. A Graduate of El Paso Greater Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program. Most importantly, as Boys' & Girls' Clubs of El Paso CEO, he has overseen the orginazation's expansion from 9 to 13 units citywide. He's a gifted, charismatic, caring father-figure to all kids he counsels daily. For EPYC, he will inspire youth to pursue excellence in standard education curriculum through the art of film making.  


Ronnie Lorenzo, Executive Hollywood Liaison
Lorenzo enjoys c
ountless contacts in the entertainment industry including actors, singers, recording and film producers. He currently has the Stonewall project that he developed with 13-time Emmy Award winning writer Ed. Wineberger. Ronnie will act as EPYC's liaison to the Hollywood entertainment industry.

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Anjelino Chabrieay, Producer/Production Manager
Chabrieay was born in NYC, NY. He has produced, written and acted in many successful Theatrical plays and Films. Anjelino will assist in maintaining EPYC's website and social media presence. He will serve as production manager and production coordinator during all EPYC entertainment and film productions.

Evelyn Corral, Executive Director Of Arts & Graphic Design  

Evelyn, has a multidisciplinary Studies Bachelor's degree focusing on Humanities, Music and Communications, and an English Language Arts Curriculum Instruction Masters, which, along with the naturally kind, generous person she is , she shares daily as field operations Director at the Boys& Girls Club of El Paso, and as EPYC's Executive Director of Arts, graphic design, technology implementation.

In all she does, she enriches everyone's life she touches. 


Moriah Sanchez, Executive International Liaison
Moriah is a Mexican native living in Houston. She promotes history and arts education to kids everywhere. She often participates in theatrical shows in Mexico, short films in America and intercultural events. She will act as EPYC's international public relations liaison on EPYC's projects.   

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