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Joaquim de Almeida

Joaquim was born in Lisbon, Portugal. He moved to New York City, there he did theater and Soap Operas then landed his first role in the film "The Soldier".  He has been the recipient of many awards: Best Actor - Cairo Film Festival, Best Actor - Golden Globes Portugal, Best ensemble - SAG Awards, to name a few. His latest starring role is in a film called "Last Animal" shot in Rio that will hit the festivals this year.

Edward James Olmos

Olmos was born in East LA, he broke into the entertainment business as a lead singer for a band called

Eddie James and the Pacific Ocean. Acting beckoned; he responded with a Tony nomination on Broadway; his “Zoot Suit”poster hangs at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Edward has starred and directed in many films earning him multiple awards including, an Emmy, a Golden Globe and Oscar nominations.

Pepe Serna

Born in Corpus Christi,Texas, Pepe has appeared in more than 100 feature films and 300 television shows. He is known for gritty performances as in Scarface as Al Pacino's ill-fated partner. In a career spanning five decades, Pepe has played a full spectrum of racially diverse characters because of his unmatched industry recognized improvisational skills, which he also uses to engage youth in his acting workshops across the country. You can soon catch Pepe acting in the Hulu original series "Love Victor."

Joe Renteria

          Joe was born in El Paso. As a radio DJ, he produced major artists' concerts. As a singer he toured Latin America and the US, with gigs in LA and extended runs at Caesar's Palace in Vegas where Sinatra befriended him. Joe also writes and produces which he did for Hollywood Records/Disney. That film was for an internationally known rock band called Sparta. At present, he has 5 scripts ready to shoot, 2 of which are optioned by production companies. 


Ronnie Lorenzo, Executive Hollywood Liaison
Lorenzo enjoys countless contacts in the entertainment industry including actors, singers, recording and film producers. He currently has the Stonewall project that he developed with 13-time Emmy Award winning writer Ed. Wineberger. Ronnie will act as EPYC's liaison to the Hollywood entertainment industry.

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Anjelino Chabrieay, Producer
Chabrieay was born in NYC, NY. He has produced, written and acted in many successful Theatrical plays and Films. Anjelino will assist in maintaining EPYC's website and social media presence. He will serve as production manager and production coordinator during all EPYC entertainment and film productions.


Moriah Sanchez, Executive International Liaison
Moriah is a Mexican native living in Houston. She promotes history and arts education to kids everywhere. She often participates in theatrical shows in Mexico, short films in America and intercultural events. She will act as EPYC's international public relations liaison on EPYC's projects.   

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