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“Look in My Eyes”

Feature Film / Series Pilot

A child psychologist, artist at heart, ignores a cancer diagnosis to continue his work utilizing film technology to unleash the hidden genius of disabled children!

"Passions Of A Cockroach"

Action Packed Comedy To End All Monster Movies

A hooked on steroids giant cockroach terrorizes the quaint village of Puerto Vallarta on a rampage to eat all its men!

“Loves Perfect Storm

Double Murder Triple Threat Romantic Comedy 

A Jewish Lawyer daydreaming of his upcoming marriage to the heir of a Texas-sized fortune backs out of the courthouse into a gorgeous Latina immigrant!


“To Kill A Mocking ID”  

Feature Film Franchise-In-Waiting

An ecstatic Chicano feels his decades-long run of bad luck may finally be over when he inherits a hotel in downtown El Paso, only to learn it's haunted!


“Deep in the Dark of Texas”

 Feature Film / Limited Series

A story based on truth about a brilliant lawyer, high-stakes Vegas Striker, his international drug lord brother and the assassination of a federal judge!

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